Emergence of Mobile Apps diminishes the popularity of Mobile Sites


Are you planning to establish a mobile presence for your business? Is it difficult to choose between the mobile app and ?

If you are planning to build your presence in the mobile market, but confused whether to develop a mobile application for users or a mobile website, or perhaps both then this survey may help you in making the decision as researchers have found that 2015 was the year where mobile search activity surpassed desktop search activity; and the overall time spent on mobile digital media was relatively higher at 51 per cent compared to its web counterpart, which was 42 per cent. Even, few more studies say that the average 22 minutes per day are spent in the browser, with the major time focused on mobile applications.

Now, what you say? Is it still problematic for you to make the final call? Ok, then let’s look at few more benefits of mobile apps over mobile sites that would probably help you to make the most appropriate choice.

  • Mobile Applications reinforce your brand and generate better visibility among customers.
  • They showcase your products and services to customers in a better way.
  • They increase brand accessibility and build brand loyalty.
  • They offer more personalized touch and two-way mode of communication.
  • They connect you with on-the-go consumers and boost sales.
  • They assist your marketing strategies.
  • They deliver faster, easier and seamless user-experience.
  • They enhance the customer engagement and help you to stand out from the competition.

Mobile has become the new game changer and creating dominance in the mobile world with the help of applications is quiet easier as they communicate with your customers in a much better way. Therefore, in order to garb better opportunities and build long-lasting customer relationships, mobile apps are crucial. They are constantly growing, getting stronger and becoming more valuable.

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