Simplify order management process..Contact us at Softbiztech.Wholesalers receive hundreds of orders on daily basis, but fulfilling each and every order in time seems to be a daunting task which requires constant monitoring, effective management and efficient handling of inventory. Therefore, to speed up the entire order management process, you need to have a logical procedure that you can take to make a big impact.

If you don’t want to put much efforts then buy online order management software and also look at some of the “quick wins” that don’t require a massive investment, but will make a quick difference, such as classifying your inventory and ensuring that it is stored as logically as possible.

Apart from this, also make sure that you are making the most of the systems you already have in place. For instance, many companies have the pieces in place that are needed to improve their order management processes, but are unable to get the most from these systems.  However, one of the best choices is to make investments in automated order management systems to speed up your order handling times.

What else you can do to accelerate your process?

Inventory classification to ensure rapid handling: Grouping your inventory from fastest moving to slowest moving helps to ensure that you always have the right stock levels on your most important items. Put the most popular items in a centrally located area of your warehouse to ensure that they can be picked, packed and delivered to the shipping dock in a minimal amount of time. Slower moving items can be stored in a separate area. This more logical arrangement can really cut down on the time it takes to process and fulfill orders.

Integrate systems for more visibility: In order to quickly fulfill an order, you need visibility into several areas such as demand forecasting, sales, inventory, and logistics. At a minimum, this requires some level of integration between the sales order management system where the order is placed, and the other system that maintains the inventory and logistics data to handle the processes for picking, packing and shipping.

Automate your processes: After your systems are able to provide more visibility into all aspects of the process, you should also look at how the processes themselves can be made faster. Moreover, for smaller businesses, the investment doesn’t have to be huge. There are even order management solutions that can be automate your entire supply chain management process inexpensively.

Each of these methods has a dual benefit. Reclassifying inventory from fastest moving to slowest will not only help save time in the order fulfillment process, it will also save money in terms of labor costs in the warehouse. Systems integration will help to improve the order fulfillment process but also provide better reporting and analytics that can aid decision-making and profitability. And automating processes speeds order fulfillment but also provides more accurate data for future orders.

What are the challenges you face with your order fulfillment process, and what are you doing to help speed it up?

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