Live Inventory Management Software: Changing the Traditional Techniques

Nowadays, every business regardless of its size is taking the advantage of advanced technology to manage their inventories. This trend is constantly moving up as today’s efficient software offer users with end-to-end capabilities to manage, monitor and plan inventory data.  They are engineered to track in and out movement of goods from warehouse or retail shelves to the point of sale.

Softbiz Connect -Live Inventory Management

Even, at present these software allow the supply chain management to share their inventory data in real-time. For instance, if a wholesaler wants to share his live inventory to his group of retailers then he can connect with them and share the data using the software.

All these technologically-sound software solutions not only simplify the process for wholesalers, but they also make the entire procedure trouble free for retailers by allowing them to place orders online and selecting the best deals from a range of wholesalers available in their connection list. Besides inventory management, these solutions also help users to reduce obsolescence costs and maintain customer service levels.

But, how inventories were managed when these software were not developed because conventional inventory management systems were not effective and required complete intervention of managers to keep a track of every data manually making the entire process pricey, time consuming, labor intensive as well as error-prone at the same time.

Let’s have a look how conventional systems of inventory management used to operate:

  • Inventory managers used to rely on hand-counted systems or manual report making processes.
  • Stock levels were monitored regularly to maintain the reordering process. Even, automatic stock reordering was not available at that point of time; managers had to keep the record of the all the items to renew them at the appropriate time.
  • Sales and purchase reports were managed manually by the managers.
  • Transparency was not there and it was tricky to track the product movement in the supply-chain.

However, now Live inventory management Solutions have reduced all the aforementioned hassles and facilitated the businesses to place orders and share inventory data in real-time. We, at Softbiz are also offering live inventory sharing solution by the name of “Softbiz Connect” where we are bridging the gap between wholesalers and retailers by allowing them to share inventory data in real-time. This business solution not only connects them together online, but it also allows them to reduce their operations cost, save time and enhance productivity.

Why Professional Web Development Services are Always Recommended?

Are you planning to hire freelance web designer and developer? Or, are you trying to take DIY website route to develop your new website?web design and developmentservices

If you are a small businessman or a tech savvy marketer and planning to handle your website own your by using DIY website builders then do not forget that this can be a disaster. Nowadays, there are a lot of different DIY website creators available in the marketplace offering you the opportunity to build and publish your website without having the need to learn codes. But, such options are such a bad alternative to kick-start your project because these DIY website builders not only kill your website’s entire look but also restrict functionality.

Your website is a powerful tool for engaging targets and generating new businesses prospects; it opens up many new avenues and accelerates your business growth then why to spoil such opportunities by using such DIY options.

Here are few reason why you should not use DIY website builders:

  • Bad Website Design and Development– Designing and developing without any help of a professional might tempt you, but believe me this is seriously not a good idea. They do not offer you the flexibility of custom web design and development.
  • Non-interactive Interface– The interfaces built by such websites are very dull and do not create a compelling user experience. They do not convince users to stay or browse the website. On such websites bounce rates are higher.
  • Google Unfriendly– If your website is designed and developed using such platforms then Google won’t verify your website in webmaster tools and even does not provide it a reasonable page rank in search engine rankings.
  • Poor Analytics– These website builders use outdated scripting technologies template based designs which affects website’s analytic, traffic and performance. There for it is highly recommended to use custom web design and development solutions that helps you to attain better results.
  • Not Mobile Friendly– Such websites do not render mobile friendly design; sometimes designs are not compatible with various web browsers. So, these DIY website builders may provide affordable web design and development solution, but they do not help you to generate revenue out of your website.
  • Inefficient Marketing– These website creators are capable of ruining your entire marketing effort and strategy. So if you are investing time then go for professional web development services as they offer you optimal return on investment.
  • No Differentiation– If you are using such free websites tools then do not forget that there are many others like you who must be depending on all these free platforms for their website designing and development. Creating a differentiation is necessary to create an identity.
  • Costs Forever– There are no such things like free lunches, if these website builders are not costing you anything right now then they will definitely cost you a lot (means negatively impact your website) in the near future.

Why to Hire Professionals?affordable web design and development services

There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional website designer and developer, so that you will be guided throughout the process.  A professional will explain you all the pitfalls and will deliver custom web design and development specific to your business’s needs. The professional service provider will even tell you about best practices and make sure all those elements get used within the project.

Initially you may find the professional web development services little costlier, but later on at the end of the project you will love them, because ultimate outcome, i.e. your website will be quiet unique, easy to use, and easy to find delivery excellent user experience.

Now, it must be very cleared to you that why it is highly recommended to choose professional web development services compared to the DIY routes. So, if you are planning to DIY your website then think about it loopholes before taking the final decision.

Custom Web Solution or A Pre-Built Template- What is Your Choice?

custom web developmentWhen it comes to creating a dominant web presence of a business, every business owner looks for the ways that are profitable, quick and cut down extra expenses at the same time. However, if we talk about custom designs and development then they are indeed beneficial, but such custom-fit solutions also take time, efforts and money. So, what should small businesses or start-ups do? Should they go for expensive custom web development services or try out some flexible ready-made templates?

Honestly, many business owners don’t really understand the difference between a custom web design development and pre-built website templates. So, in this article we will closely have a look at both the ways of having your website built.

Custom Solution

Every business is different from another and so are its requirements and preferences. Thus, if you are opting for a  then it will be created specifically for your business as per your requirements making your website to stand apart from the rest of the competitors. The website will be developed from scratch and will be more adaptable to your company’s specific needs delivering more precise and effective results.

Even the custom solution affects your success in the search engines. Moreover, they offer you the scalability to handle your growing business needs in the near future; and make it easier for you to maintain your website yourself.

Website Templates

While custom web solutions provide countless design and development possibilities, they’re not necessary in all cases. Sometimes for a small business a template-built design is a great choice. But, you should go for these pre-built templates only if you are running low on budget or have shorter development time.

But, while choosing these template designs you should not forget that you are not the only one who is using this template, there may be tons of other people running their websites on same website template. Also, these templates offer you the lesser flexibility of customization as per your needs and they are not even search engine friendly.

While custom web development and design renders the flexibility, template-driven sites are a good alternative for businesses who are trying to establish a quick, simple and affordable web-presence. They may not offer the extensive features, functionalities or scalability like bespoke solutions, but they can be an effective strategy for start-ups or the projects with a limited scope.

3 Essentials To Know About Website Designing To Increase Your Sales

web design servicesMany users believe that web designing is all about creating an attractive look of the website, however, this is true up to some extent. But, in real, effective web designing is about crafting an aesthetically pleasing website, which is at the same time user friendly, search engine friendly, and moreover designed to sell.

There are many factors that are involved into building a quality website that is visually attractive to the eye, and designed to promote your brand online as well as to help you make money. But, before making a website it is very much important to know the entire essentials that may assist you in increasing your sales.

To know what you don’t know about website designing can possibly positively affect your ability to achieve your business’s sales and marketing objectives. So, before you start custom website designing or even website redesigning, just read this article thoroughly and get to know about three essential factors that will definitely help you in making an informed decision of selecting a quality and professional web designing firm.

Custom Web Designing- Web designing services are available in the market place in two forms, one is custom build and another is template based. You can choose whichever you like, but you should always go for custom web designing in order to address you business needs effectively. A custom designed is made specifically for you business and is engineered carefully keeping your brand and its marketing strategies in mind.

Mobile Friendly Website Designing- It is no secret that the mobile industry is blooming at a rapid pace and to satisfy the needs of the mobile users it is highly essential to make your web design mobile friendly, so that it delivers your users a great end-experience. Also, if you want to stay ahead of your competition then having a mobile-friendly web design is extremely crucial.

Search Engine Optimized Design- No matter how much effective a web design is, but if it is not optimized for search engines then you can never attain desired rankings and results in the search engines. Thus, make your website SEO friendly in order to get better rankings and attract more and more users. Furthermore, do not forget to put SEO tags, sitemap, and internal linking, so that search engines can easily identify your website.

Apart from these aforementioned essential, there are many more factors that are essential for professional web designing but these are the major one that one cannot afford to ignore. Keep trying the various combinations of new custom web designs that are SEO as well as mobile friendly as there is no one size fits all solution in the world of web designing.

Emergence of Mobile Apps diminishes the popularity of Mobile Sites


Are you planning to establish a mobile presence for your business? Is it difficult to choose between the mobile app and ?

If you are planning to build your presence in the mobile market, but confused whether to develop a mobile application for users or a mobile website, or perhaps both then this survey may help you in making the decision as researchers have found that 2015 was the year where mobile search activity surpassed desktop search activity; and the overall time spent on mobile digital media was relatively higher at 51 per cent compared to its web counterpart, which was 42 per cent. Even, few more studies say that the average 22 minutes per day are spent in the browser, with the major time focused on mobile applications.

Now, what you say? Is it still problematic for you to make the final call? Ok, then let’s look at few more benefits of mobile apps over mobile sites that would probably help you to make the most appropriate choice.

  • Mobile Applications reinforce your brand and generate better visibility among customers.
  • They showcase your products and services to customers in a better way.
  • They increase brand accessibility and build brand loyalty.
  • They offer more personalized touch and two-way mode of communication.
  • They connect you with on-the-go consumers and boost sales.
  • They assist your marketing strategies.
  • They deliver faster, easier and seamless user-experience.
  • They enhance the customer engagement and help you to stand out from the competition.

Mobile has become the new game changer and creating dominance in the mobile world with the help of applications is quiet easier as they communicate with your customers in a much better way. Therefore, in order to garb better opportunities and build long-lasting customer relationships, mobile apps are crucial. They are constantly growing, getting stronger and becoming more valuable.

Key User Engagement Elements That Your Website Should Have

Website essentials

Are you among the users who think best graphic design and the most advanced level of coding is something that compels users to stay on your website? Then you should change this misconception of yours because it is excellent to have a blend of perfect web design and development, but users generally do not look for such elements. They search for simplest layout that easily and quickly allows them to navigate through all the pages.

Additionally, users look for the great amount of interactivity that enhances their overall user experience of the website. Now, it is clear what users need, so let’s browse all the elements including website features and functionality that users look for, which are ultimately helpful in making their experience impressive, simple and meaningful.

  • Easy Interaction– Website is a plethora of features and functionalities that all together make your website an interactive web element for your target audience. On a single website you may include images, content, videos, audios, forms, links and a lot more. Out of all these elements, it’s up to you to decide which element is relevant for your website and helps in making the user interaction easier. Whichever elements you choose, always keep this in mind that you need your website to stand out from the rest grabbing user’s attention immediately and offering them the excellent user experience.
  • Clean and Simple Design– Users require innovative web design and development solutions, but at the same time they also need clean interface with very simple design avoiding every kind difficulty while browsing the website. Complicated elements and navigation may definitely show your non- technical or general targets that you are highly efficient as a web design and development company, but it won’t arouse interest in them to stay at your website or browse it any longer. Keep this simple thumb rule in your mind that users are only interested in the end products so, make it easier and quicker for them to reach the destination.
  • Device Adaptability– With the growing use of mobile devices of various sizes and resolutions, the demand of responsive web design is increasing rapidly. People are searching online more and more through their smart phones, which makes it highly essential for you to make your website adaptable to all devices, screen sizes and platforms from mobiles to tablets to desktops. In short, your website must be optimized for mobiles, for which you need to finalize which features are the important that should be highlighted on smaller screens.

These are just some basic web design and development elements that you must have on your website, but you can experiment the combination of many features and functionalities to have an excellent user experience on your website.  Keep trying different elements to check what suits your website in the best way, after all, every website has a different purpose and different target audiences.