Now and then every website needs a refresh. The good enough reasons for a website redesign can be re branding, shifting onto a new Content Management System (CMS), bringing the innovative look of the website back and many others.web design and developmentservices

Your website redesigning is a long and tedious process, which can be a huge success – or it could fail terribly if you do not follow a certain pattern for the perfect redesigning process. So, here we are providing you a checklist that can help you to make your job a whole lot easier. Whether you are working with an agency or redesigning in-house, this checklist will save you from many headaches and will assist you in excellent redesigning.

The checklist goes like this:

  • ANALYZE YOUR CURRENT METRICS- before you start working on anything else, do not forget to measure your current metrics. Start by analyzing your existing site including number of visitors, bounce rate, time a user stay on your site, current SEO rankings, your keywords domain authority, number of leads generated and much more.
  • DETERMINE BUSINESS GOALS- If you are considering a redesign, there needs to be a good reason for it. Be really clear about why you’re doing the redesign in the first place and tie it to measureable results. Then communicate your goals with your team, designer or agency.
  • ANALYZE BUSINESS CHANNELS- Evaluate the channels that drive your business and bring in the new leads. Your channels can be anything from social media to organic or paid searches, mobile visitors, etc.
  • EVALUATE YOUR COMPETITION- While we don’t recommend obsessing over your competitors, but comparison with your competition and keeping the track of the rivals is necessary for healthy growth. After evaluation, you get to know where do you stand and how far you need to reach.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR USP- Before you begin crafting your website’s design, content and business strategy, be clear about you Unique Selling Proposition (USP), so that it is consistent across your entire website. This step defines how the world communicates with your website.
  • START DESIGNING AROUND PERSONAS- Your website is not just about you, it is about conveying yourself or your business to your targets, therefore, it is crucial to speak in their language by designing content around buyer personas.
  • OPTIMIZE SITE- Getting found online is essential to improving the rest of your site metrics. Thus, it is necessary to design and develop your website for search engines, so that you get the right opportunities to increase your website’s search rank.

A successful website redesign starts with planning, it initiates even before the site is being designed. Often times, people get caught up in how the website looks and this focus overshadows how well it is working, therefore it is critical to combine everything in a right proportion.

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