Simplify the entire online process of order management! Contact us at Softbiztech.Softbiz Connect is an innovative software solution widely used by wholesale distribution companies to connect with their retailers and to keep a track of the goings-on in their warehouses and other departments.

Whether you are just beginning to consider advanced management technologies for your business or are actively looking for an order management software solution connecting wholesalers and retailers, we will examine five of the main benefits of Softbiz Connect that can help your wholesale distribution business to run back office operations more smoothly.

This e-business solution simplifies your overall supply chain management and also unlocks countless business opportunities as it allows you to share your inventory with retailers in real-time, reduce order management hassles, improve efficiency and make the processes simpler.

The primary benefits of using Softbiz Connect are:

  • It allows you to connect with your retailers
  • It lets you showcase your entire array of new deals and offers
  • It allows you to collect orders instantly online
  • It puts orders in queue if you are offline
  • It lets you to be found by new retailers
  • It gives you the access to receive payments online

These were the key benefits, lets have a look at few more highlights of Softbiz Connect, which are as follows:

  • Cost reduction- One of the leading software investment motivators for any business is cost reduction. By providing automation capabilities and broad visibility into your operations, this order management software system can help reduce administrative costs associated with manual processes while also providing other valuable insights into your business.
  • Scalability- As your business grows, you need a robust solution that grows with it and Softbiz Connect is easily scalable. As your business changes, new functionality can be added to manage new processes and departments.
  • Leaner supply chain- As mentioned earlier, Softbiz Connect helps you reduce costs and this is in part by creating a leaner supply chain. Having the right order management system in place can help improve procurement, inventory, and demand forecasting to make your supply chain leaner and more responsive.
  • Increased visibility- Once implemented, Softbiz Connect allows you to check a relatively comprehensive view of your operations. Instead of segregating data into individual silos, this order and supply chain management software benefits wholesale distributors by creating a holistic environment that manages, collects, and distributes information across functional boundaries.

So, what are you planning to do next to seamlessly manage your wholesale distribution business? You can even call us at 1800 270 1991 to avail free demonstration of this amazing software.


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