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Our intelligently designed and developed products help you to simplify your business and enhance its efficiencies. They empower you to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing revenue and reducing time.

softbiz connect

Softbiz Connect

A powerful and highly intuitive e-solution specifically designed to connect wholesalers and retailers for sharing live inventory, streamlining supply chain management and advancing their business workflows.

softbiz wholesale

Softbiz WHD (Wholesale)

An end-to-end business solution for wholesale distributors integrated with an array of advanced functionalities focused on simplifying business process, bring flexibility, data security and profitability.

softbiz pos retail

Softbiz POS (Retail)

One of the most comprehensive retail solutions engineered with innovative features and out-of-the-box capabilities to reduce the hassles of pharmacy retail chains, enhance store management process, and save costs.

Softbiz Connect

A centralized connect for your business.

These days connectivity among supply chains is required to simplify the overall process and strengthen the interface. Thus, Softbiz Connect has been built not only to offer business transparency but also accelerates the growth and this is what we have endeavored to do for our pharma industry clients via our e-platform “Softbiz Connect”.

We have developed this online platform to bridge the gap between wholesalers and retailers, so that they can maintain complete transparency to share their inventory data in real-time. We have tailor-made this solution to gain the edge in this competitive environment.

softbiz connect
softbiz whd

Softbiz WHD (Wholesale and Distribution)

A comprehensive solution to respond to your competitive challenges.

We understand that wholesale business is multifaceted as well as dynamic. It requires numerous tools to balance various complexities. Therefore, to ease the intricacies of wholesale business we have engineered an innovative solution named “Softbiz Wholesale”. This software not only amplifies your workflow, but also simplifies your business operations.

This software has been engineered using most advanced tools to manage diverse and complex product inventories and other management details. It optimizes your operations and minimizes your operating costs. It enables you to manage your inventory, sales and purchase transactions, invoicing, order management, administrator rights, data management and client management amongst many other features.

Softbiz POS (Retail)

A robust platform to streamline your business for greater profitability.

Technology and consumer requirements have immensely affected today’s retail environment. Nowadays, retail business needs to be well-equipped with latest advancements to serve their customers in a better way. This is why we have developed Softbiz Retail, a complete solution to automate your core business process.

It allows you to optimize you inventory, ordering, point-of-sale provisions, sales and purchase transactions, invoicing, delivery scheduling and much more. It also offers you few more additional features such as multi-store functionality, cloud-back-up facility, barcode management, patient records, email and SMS settings, prescription scanning, customer profile management, bill customization and electronic signatures and record facility. In short, this is an all-in-one solution to empower your business.

Softbiz POS

We know with the advent of new technologies, workflow patterns are changing day by day, but no matter what your workflow approach is, we have an apt solution for it. Our professionals craft digital solutions to meet your specific business goals and also endeavor to maximize your business value by creating superior user-engagements.

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