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An e-solution to simplify supply chain management

These days connectivity is extremely essential among businesses to unlock various opportunities. It not only offers business transparency, but also accelerates the growth and this is what we have endeavored to do for our clients via our e-platform “Softbiz Connect”.

Softbiz Connect is an e-solution connecting retailers and wholesalers to simplify their order management processes by minimizing supply chain complexities. Using this integrated online tool, vendors can share their inventory data in real-time and can also advance their business workflow by reducing time, money and efforts. This online platform bridges the gap between wholesalers and retailers, so that they can maintain complete transparency and gain the edge in this competitive environment.

Connecting Wholesalers to Retailers

This online business solution sets up platform between wholesalers and retailers for sharing live inventory. It has been engineered to drive your business forward, reduce order management hassles, improve efficiency and make the processes simpler. It allows retailers to select the best wholesalers, compare offers and deals and place orders.

Softbiz Connect is specifically designed to cater the needs of wholesalers and retailers by reducing the intricacies within the supply chain and simplifying the entire online process of order management.

How Wholesalers Benefit?

  • Connect with your retailers
  • Showcase new deals and offers
  • Collect orders instantly online
  • Orders are stored in queue if you are offline
  • Be found by new retailers
  • Receive payments online

How Retailers Benefit?

  • Connect with your wholesalers
  • See live inventory shared by wholesalers
  • View and compare special offers
  • Mark favorite items and preferred wholesalers
  • Place orders online even when wholesalers are offline
  • Send payments online

How We Connect the Supply Chain?

As the manual processes dictate the supply chain, inventory management and order processes are becoming complex day by day. We observed that there is lack of transparency and platforms for direct connections between wholesalers and retailers. Even, there is absence of a common platform to find new wholesalers and deals. Therefore, to fill this gap and the make the entire supply chain management easier, we have engineered “Softbiz Connect”, so that you can focus on what you do best.

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How Softbiz fills the supply chain gap?

  • It enables you to connect with your wholesalers and retailers.
  • It allows you to place and manage orders.
  • You can view and compare special deals and offers.
  • Send or receive payments online.
  • It eases order management with the use of mobile apps.
  • It minimizes your cost and maximizes the outcome.

How Can You Connect?

Start using this solution via web and mobile applications

  • Subscribe to Softbiz Connect.
  • Access it via web and Android application.
  • Connect with your wholesalers and retailers.
  • Share and view inventory data.
  • Manage orders online instantly.
  • Enjoy with Softbiz Connect.
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Key Highlights:

  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Streamline order and supply chain management
  • Browse special deals and offers
  • Search for product related vendors
  • Save favorites and order history

How Softbiz Connect Benefits Your Business?

  • It offers you the flexibility to share inventory data in real time.
  • It saves your time, efforts and cost.
  • It can be easily accessed via android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • It enables swift and trouble-free data management.
  • It works even with slow internet connect and does not require any download.
  • It intensifies your entire business process and further improves the quality

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